The connection between education and access to opportunity is undeniable. The Ellison Foundation invests in organizations and initiatives that provide students with opportunities that support lifelong achievement and success. We are particularly interested in creating successful pathways to post-secondary degrees or certifications. Among the organizations we support are:


Rainier Scholars

Since 2003, the Ellison Foundation has supported Rainier Scholars in their efforts to cultivate the academic potential and leadership skills of hardworking, low-income students of color. By creating transformative educational opportunities and providing comprehensive support to scholars and families, Rainier Scholars increases college graduation rates and empowers new generations of leaders.


The Brotherhood Initiative

The mission of the Brotherhood Initative is to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates for males of color at the University of Washington and other institutions of higher education. By promoting values of support, respect, unity, community and shared commitment the Brotherhood Initiative creates a safe space for students to thrive on campus and graduate prepared for a lifetime of leadership, service and success. 


Ellison Education Grants

For more information regarding the Ellison Education Grants for K - 12 teachers and how to apply, please click here.