Human Services

The Ellison Foundation supports agencies which demonstrate responsible and effective programs that meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable populations with a specific focus towards women and children. We are committed to improving the lives of others with a specific focus towards women and children. The foundation partners with several institutions that include:


Vine Maple Place

Vine Maple Place incorporated in 2000 when 9 churches in Maple Valley joined together to help homeless single mothers with children have a place to live, and recover. In 2012 they implemented their "Stable Families" model to serve families who are homeless or days away from eviction. On average, the "Stable Families" model serves 524 families annually.  By emphasizing a client-focused, integrated approach that's evidenced-based and assesed for effectiveness, 91% of families exiting the program are still housed sfter one year. 


Elizabeth Gregory Home

Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH) was founded in 2001 by members of the University Lutheran Church (Seattle) as a seperate nonfaith-based organization. EGH is a welcomimg and respectful refuge where women who are experiencing homelessness, trauma, or economic insecurity have access to a caring community and critical resources. EGH provides safety, shelter, and the opportunity to thrive.