The Ellison Foundation invests in local institutions that provide innovative advances in medical care and medical research. Two such institutions are:

UW Medicine

In 2007, the foundation awarded a $5 million grant to create the Tom and Sue Ellison Stem Cell Core within the University of Washington’s Institute for Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine. The primary goal of the “Ellison Core” is to facilitate and promote the use of human embryonic stem cells (hESC) within the Seattle biomedical research community.

In the spring of 2015, the Ellison Foundation committed $6 million to develop precision medicine strategies for Alzheimer’s. UW Medicine seeks to develop therapies in a lab-to-clinic pipeline that create effective treatments preventing the destructive aspects of this disease.

Seattle Children’s

In 2019, the Ellison Foundation granted $1.6 million to Seattle Children’s Hospital in support of the new Odessa Brown Clinic in Seattle's Rainier Valley. OBCC is a community clinic providing medical, dental, mental health and nutrition services to all families, regardless of their ability to pay. OBCC has been committed to deliverying equitable health and wellness care to families in need for nearly 50 years.